Machine to assemble induction discs


Machine to pre-assemble a white aluminum disc with a perforated ferromagnetic disc for induction. It is generally combined with a Bontempi disc loader for the automatic loading of the forging press. Thanks to the double store presence, both for the aluminum discs and for the ferromagnetic discs, the machine can perform the automatic cycle without stopping, ensuring a high production capacity. The hydraulic press, positioned in the center of the machine, develops 40 Tons of power, which guarantees the pre-assembly of the two discs. The presence of double discs sensors ensures that only one aluminum disc and only one ferromagnetic disc are assembled.
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
2820 x 2720 x 2380 mm
Power installed
12 Kw
Oil pump motor
5,5 Kw
Aluminum discs maximum diameter
500 mm
Loading arms motor type


Automatic working cell to pre-assemble aluminum discs with ferromagnetic discs combined with a palletizer to form pallets of pre-assembled discs for induction cookware. The discs are pre-assembled discs with an 80-Ton press, a double store for ferromagnetic discs and a conveyor that can carry multiple stacks of aluminum discs, depending on their diameter. The four-station rotating board allows a high hourly capacity of discs. In the first station the ferromagnetic disc is loaded, its thickness is checked by means of a special sensor; in the second station the aluminum disc is loaded, its thickness is checked by means of a special sensor; in the first station the press proceeds to pre-assemble the two discs, with a maximum power of 80 Tons; in the last station an electronic unloading arm deposits the disc on a conveyor belt that feeds the double palletizer. This palletizer also allows the automatic insertion of a cardboard separator between a stack of discs and the next ones until the pallet is completed. All the axes of the two machineries are moved by brushless motors, which guarantee absolute precision during all positioning. The machineries are managed through two panels with touch-screen functionality, with the option of storing up to 500 working procedures, in which all the parameters necessary to ease the tooling are saved.
Total dimensions (width x depth x height)
7200 x 4320 x 3210 mm
Total power installed
37 Kw
Disc assembler oil pump motor
15 Kw
Aluminium discs maximum diameter
500 mm
Motori bracci carico dischi
Axis motors


Line for the assembly of rolled discs with ferromagnetic induction discs. The line is composed of a ferromagnetic disc loader, a CPE-55 disc loader to load rolled discs, a series of conveyor belts and a 4-column hydraulic press, which develops a maximum force of 1800 Tons and slide stroke of 50 mm, which allows the assembly between the two discs. The conveyor belts are arranged in a carousel, and above them there are some pallets/molds. In the first station, the ferromagnetic disc is placed inside the mold, which proceeds towards the CPE-55 disc loader, where the rolled disc is loaded. The mold moves until it is positioned under the press. At the end of the pressing cycle, the pallet/mold moves to an unloading area, where the disc can be unloaded manually or through an automated unloading arm, but only if the line is completed with a palletizer. The presence of the double store both for the rolled discs and for the ferromagnetic discs, and the presence of some pallet/molds that move along the carousel, allow the machines of the line to never stop their automatic cycle, ensuring a high production capacity. Possibility of completing the supply with an automated unloading arm and a palletizer.

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